Who we are and what we do | Behind the scenes #1

Hello Karate friends,

lets talk about a few things:

No. 1: Who is Fiore Tartaglia?

Fiore Tartaglia is born in Italy, Eboli and started his Karate journey when he was 16 years old, like most of us because he wanted to be able to defend himself. 

Soon he found out that there is much more to experience than just punching other guys.

Ever since he dedicated his life to his passion and the secrets behind it.

At age 22 he was forced to move to Germany and started working as graphic designer, on which the fundament of his books is build.

Later he founded his own Karate Dojo with his partner Klaus Späth called Taikikan. 

Today he is on his mission to help as many Karateka as possible to get further and to work on themselfs and also showing non-Karateka the benefits of this traditional martial art. Currently he is also preparing for his 7th dan in Shotokan Karate, due to the current corona situation its not sure if the exam will be possible this year, but we will let you know. 

More about Fiore here: About Fiore Tartaglia

No. 2: Why is the topic talking about "we"?

Well, I – the one writing this – am Ennio, the son of Fiore and I help to do whatever I can. Here a few things about me, I did Shotokan Karate for 12 years and switched to Muay Thai (or Thaiboxing) after this, and I know I know... I can already hear the "Buuuh"-shouts, but I had to go my own way, at least at this point. 11 years ago I started a trainee as Media Designer here in Stuttgart, Germany to help my dad with his Graphic Design Studio, Photo Studio and as you already know Publishing company. I then realized that Spectra (our company name) is not lacking designer skills, but needs more assistance at marketing, so I started to read, learn, try out some strategies, bought some courses ect. just to compensate this weakness.

So about 6 years ago we started to focus more on the books of my dad for two main reasons: 
1. It's more fun (not necassarly easier) to live from thousands of customers instead of just a few.
2. The work of Fiore is too valuable to simply be forgotten. We will talk more about this later.

We started by building the Facebook & Instagram page, YouTube channel and even some other experiments. Anyway, our community counts about 50k followers today – So thanks at this point also to you for being a part of it. 🙏

No. 3: What do we do?

To make it short: Books. But what makes them different or special?

Let me tell you the story of the very first book to make this extremely clear:

Fiore started already talking about writing someday an own book in his early 20s. About 20 years later he struggled with his, back then, only business the Graphic Design Studio and decided to make his very own and first book about the Shotokan Kata in the year 2000.

So he started the research and and said to himself: If you do a book, you don't just do an other book, you have to do something better!

He got to work and created his first book "Shotokan Kata - Up to Black Belt" with 1700 drawings to make the Kata as clear and easy to understand as possible. Just a little math.

All in all, it takes about 45 minutes to photograph such a drawing, vectorize and insert it into the layout of the book. (1700 drawings x 45 minutes = 1275 hours).

It took him a year and a half, some sleepless nights and as you can imagine any nerv. But at the end it was worth it, because today this book and the other 3 of the Kata & Bunkai series are known as "The Black Books" in Germany, Austria and Switzerland which are sold more than 50k times by today in German language.

It was his discipline and willingness to perfection to create this lifework, or as Fiore is calling it: "testa dura", which means "hard head" in italian.

So long story short: We want to share the work of Fiore with as much Karateka as possible, because we know the benefits of our Martial art and want that others experience them too. As always in life, whatever you are working on is much easier with the right tools and Fiore want to create those tools to safe other Karateka years and years of frustration. 

No. 4: What are we working on?

Since the Karate Essence is our first printed english book, we are about to find out how to sent it all over the world, which is challenging because we do not have any experience with it and the pandamic is not making it easier. 

That's also one of the reasons the book isn't available as Amazon Prime product now. 

So what we are actually doing is translating our Karate Kids Book and the other Kata & Bunkai books to make them available as printed books. 

No. 5: What's next?

We get also a lot of feedback from you via email, instagram & co and it seems like you guys a thirsty to know more and some would even like some personal coaching. Well, don't be sad but 1:1 coaching isn't something Fiore has the time for and it would even be unfair to a lot of you, so we have planned to do some video courses about diffrent topics to give you some step-by-steps guides in specific parts of Karate.

With this blog and our other social media channels we also want to give you more "behind the scene" infos, so you get a feeling what going on here.

If you have any ideas, requests or feedback just let us know in the comments.

No. 6: What you can do to be part of our journey?

Of couse all of our work would be unnecessary if we wouldn't have any customers, but beside from buying our products to support us and learn something new, here are some other things you can do:

  • Share our work with your Karate buddys
  • Let us know your thoughts and comment on our blog or social media channels
  • Join our affilate program, share our products on your blog, website or social media channels and earn on our work too! You can sign up here: www.shotokan-kata.goaffpro.com

Thanks for your attention. Hope you liked this kind of insights and stay in Zanshin 

Best wishes from Germany to wherever you are :) 

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