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Other than expected: Our espresso maschine

Espresso Maschine

How becomes an espresso maschine the most central part of a company?

Since I (Ennio) started working for Spectra about 12 years ago, every day between 9 to 10 AM we sit down in our little espresso corner and talk.

My dad and I talk about whatever is on our mind right now and from time to time we talk about strategies, future plans and other ideas.

Causally it happens that an idea isn't completely terrible and changes the direction of our company for the better. 

Here some examples that we came up with during one of our espresso sessions:

  • The ShotokanKata App
  • Starting a YouTube channel
  • Creating eBooks to make Fiore's books available for Karateka all around the world
  • Making "light-versions" of our kids book and the Essence of Karate personalized to help Dojos find more members (for now just in german available)

Of course there is much more, but those – not even unique – ideas supported our company more than once. 

So where is the magic? 

The "magic" is that a relaxing ritual which creates a pleasant atmosphere in which the mind finds some peace and becomes open to those kind of ideas.

As probably most of us nowadays, we also risk to fall into the rat race trap. And as everybody knows, its almost impossible to see clear and come up with better ideas if your mind is never calm.

What you should learn from this?

Don't just take your time whenever you feel like it. Make it a habit, a ritual which you repeat every day to come down again. 

Just like before and after the training in the Dojo – Mokuso, the meditation. You can of course actually meditate, by now we should all know the benefits about this practice. But as we also know, what works for one does not necessarily work for an other. 

So whatever works for you, double down on it. For one it can be music, go on a walk, taking a bath or watching your favorite show. Whereby the latter can not be recommended, it might be pleasant, but your mind can't really shut down if the TV is bombing it with information. 

Simply remember: 

If you leave turbid water alone, it will become clear again.
– Laotse

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