About Fiore Tartaglia


Fiore Tartaglia was born in 1958 in Eboli, South-Italy. He started practising karate at the age of sixteen years and passed his blackbelt test in 1979 in Sicily. Shortly after he founded a Jûdô and Karate dôjô with two friends.

In 1980 he moved to Germany and continued his training at the Karate dôjô Nippon in Göppingen. Tartaglia later moved to Karate dôjô Dôkan, Eislingen, where he continues to train. At the same time he runs a karate school (www.taikikan.de) together with a friend. Today he wears the sixth dan and is a B-level examiner for the German Karate Federation (DKV).

Since 1982 he has worked as a professional graphic designer in Germany and, since 1985, in his own advertising agency in Göppingen. The designer-karateka combination gave the impulse for writing this books and made its realization in the present professional form possible.

Fiore Tartaglia – 7. Dan Shôtôkan Karate



Everyone decides what Karate means for himself. We set our own limits, as well as our own potential, in our thoughts. Fiore Tartaglia has been practicing Karate-dō since he was 16 years old.

He has written and published nine karate books. In addition, he offers karate instruction courses. His works have been translated into four other languages (English, Italian, French, and Spanish) and are offered internationally mostly as eBooks. In his ShotokanKata app, the Kata books can be found in a simplified form. The Shotokan Kata series, also known as "The Black Books", are considered standard works for Shōtōkan Karateka in the field of Kata in German-speaking countries.

With well over 56,000 books sold, he is considered the most widely read Karate book author in Europe and, since 2014, also a millennium trainer. For almost half a century, Fiore Tartaglia deals with Karate, Zen and various Martial arts. His works are characterized by his graphic designer skills, his attention to detail, as well as his passion for our discipline. His social media community with currently over 54,000 followers, receives daily updates on Instagram and Facebook. His videos on YouTube have been viewed over one million times. 

Fiore Tartaglia lives his Karate every day and he wants to help as many people as possible to experience the life-enhancing benefits of this beautiful martial art.