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Beats in line with the traditional Shōtōkan Kata

The Kata Beats are suitable ...
Especially for Kata competitors: Thanks to the music, the individual Kata athletes of a team can practice their Kata in the same rhythm more intensively, without having to practice as a group. After that, practicing together becomes more effective.

Kata Beats is the first music ever composed to the rhythm of a Shōtōkan Kata.

Modern sounds and melodies accompany musically rhythmic focal points (Kime points), but also slow movements of a traditional Shōtōkan Kata. Thus, the Kata Beats are the successful combination of Karate and music.

Kata Beats brings variety into the daily training routine. It is ideal for children or adults to learn the rhythm of a Kata. In addition, a Kata performed with Kata Beats enhances any demonstration.


  • The Download contains the music for: Heian Shodan, Heian Nidan, Heian Sandan, Heian Yondan and Heian Godan.
  • Each Kata is divided into 3 subsequences with counts
  • Music for the whole Kata without counting
  • You see the Karateka such as Udo Boppré, Andreas Ginger, Fiore Tartaglia and Bernd Weinreich show the Kata Beats in "application"
  • As extra: lots of bonus material e.g. "the shooting day"

Kata Beats during a workshop in Germany:

About Udo Boppré:
Udo Boppré has been practicing martial arts since 1976, – Shōtōkan Karate since 1979 (6.Dan).

1984 to 1990 he was a member of the German National Karate Team. During this time he became several times German Champion and Vice European Champion.

Already since 1986 he passes on his knowledge in various clubs. In addition, he teaches on courses throughout Germany.

For the German Karate Federation he is working as an A-examiner since 2011. And for the regional association of Baden-Württemberg, he is a Kata base trainer. Here he already led several athletes to the German championship title.

Furthermore, he published the book Karate – Kata-Bunkai in 2002.

A combination of Karate and music – his second passion – he succeeded in 2009 with the release of his Kata Beats.

Copyright and disclaimer:
© Udo Boppré | | Spectra Verlag

All rights reserved. Unauthorized distribution or reproduction of the Music is illegal and will be prosecuted. 

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Data statement:
Creator: Udo Boppré (6th Dan Shōtōkan Karate)
GTIN: 615722379831
Item number: KBUBD
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